Expert Bookkeeping Services in North Sydney By Irena’s Bookkeeping

“Managing Tax Agent”: Caroline Raissis has been in the Financial Services Industry for 15 years. Caroline is a specialist in small business and focuses on delivering tailored client solutions.Caroline takes a very “hands-on” approach. She is able to do the bookkeeping, prepare and lodge Business Activity Statements, Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns. She can produce detailed cashflows and provide business and budgeting solutions. Call me on 1800 733 497 to help with any BAS or general Bookkeeping matters.

Do you live and work in North Sydney

Let Us Free Up Your Time & Manage Your Bookkeeping for You

Have you ever wanted to spend additional time away from your business and more time with family and friends? I expect you have! It is important to run your business effectively and efficiently, but you shouldn’t give up your personal life. This can be exactly where I can assist with all of your bookkeeping and BAS requirements.

Save You Time and money

With our bookkeeping and MYOB/XERO/ Quickbooks accounting software knowledge, we can put you as well as your business at ease, giving you much more time to do what you like and develop your company. We have extensive experience in working closely with and assisting small business owners with all of their bookkeeping and BAS requirements. We want you to become more successful and will report, present and, if agreed with you, implement efficiency improvements. Plus, our rates are competitive and as professional bookkeepers we have the speed and accuracy to minimise the time it takes you to complete your bookwork.

Our Bookkeeping Services are as follows:

Flexibility and Comfort

Whether you contact us for bookkeeping or BAS services or are seeking to improve efficiencies, we can take care of your bookwork and financials and give you back some spare time. We can work a few hours a week, a few days a week, monthly or quarterly – it all depends on your requirements. I can work at your office or remotely. You can relax knowing that your paperwork is being completed in a timely, effective and precise manner.

Make Better Business Decisions

Regardless of whether your company is small or large, simple or complex, our wide range of expertise and expertise can add worth and help your company’s performance. We can handle your accounts in a precise and timely way, and as a result, provide you with the financial data you need to make informed business choices.

Don’t continue to overwhelm yourself by undertaking all of your company’s bookkeeping yourself. Quit worrying about the mess your paperwork is in and struggling to meet BAS deadlines. We can undertake your bookkeeping and BAS, and give you more time to do what you really like and to develop your business.

Give us a call on on 1800 733 497.