XERO Accounting – Flat Rate Service Package Sydney

Xero Accounting – Flat Rate Service Package

Are you spending time pushing paper around, searching through emails and working
extra hours night and day to keep on top of your bookwork? Sick of getting big
Accounting & Bookkeeping bills and still not knowing how your business is performing
day to day?
A Xero Accounting Software Flat Rate Service Package could change all of that for
you in a day!
1. Go paperless! – have all of your documentation and accounting records
securely stored in the cloud for easy access anywhere any time.
2. Automate your billing process and have someone else chase your clients when
they are late to pay.
You don’t have to be the bad guy!
3. Streamline your accounts payable process – have someone else monitor and
maintaining your purchase register and get live data on your current liabilities.
Don’t spend hours loading payments in to internet banking or writing cheques!
Approve what you want to make payment on and in 3 clicks have all of your approved
payments made by you securely.
4. Have your payroll processed seamlessly and effortlessly and provide staff
with the ability to update their personal details and replace their own payslips
when they lose them or require copies. No need to waste time running around for your
5. End Of Financial Year is too easy! With live reporting and current data
available all year there is no rush to get organized or lay awake at night wondering
what your tax debt will look like. You will have the transparency all year round to
know exactly where you stand.
6. Integrate your Accounting, CRM & Point of Sale systems (POS) without the cost of
an expensive bespoke solution.
7. Make your brand stand out on beautifully designed reports, invoices and
8. We are a one stop shop. Have all your bookkeeping, payroll, accounts
payable, accounts receivable & company tax returns looked after by one cohesive team
of industry professionals.
9. Got questions about how to take your business to the next level? We can
provide financial planning, budgeting, coaching & support services. Want to set up a
Web Store, need Social Media & Internet Marketing support. Got a tax advice query?
Ask us.
10. Need peace of mind?
See one of our insurance product advisors for a package – Life, Business, Key Man,
Public Liability & Health Insurance packages on offer.

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An entry level cloud based Full Service Bookkeeping & Accounting Package starts from
from Irenas Bookkeeping Services will help you grow your business. It will do this by taking away all your bookkeeping worries and instead helping you focus on getting more customers.

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