What a Good Bookkeeper Can Do for YOU!

Good Bookkeeping

One of the great things that a bookkeeper can do is take away the hassle and stress of completing financial tasks. A bookkeeper has the training to take all the bookwork off the owner of a small business so that the owner can now focus on the core of the business. Trained bookkeepers have the expertise to handle the books of your business giving you the confidence to base your management decisions on the accounting records.

So many small business owners do not have the time or expertise to enter all the papers and process them accordingly.  As a business owner you need to delegate those tasks to someone who has knowledge of how the tasks should be done.

Bookkeepers are trained so that they can complete these tasks in a lot less time than you can. Should you expand or should you go for a big bid that might expand your business? These questions can be answered if you have accurate and up to date information that small business bookkeepers can provide.

 Hence outsourcing a service provider to do your bookkeeping makes perfect sense. However you need to understand what they should be doing for you. Below we have itemised a few of the tasks that a good bookkeeper should be handling for you.


This is one of the most basic of all the bookkeeping tasks – all businesses need to buy things and be paid for the things they supply. If you require, your bookkeeper could so things like:   

          Handle the business’s invoicing
          Oversee the status of supplier payments and identify bad debtors
          Pay your bills within agreement terms

The confidence that you have in a good bookkeeper can help you move forward with your business plan and really grow your business. Here at Irena’s Bookkeeping we offer you the perfect range of bookkeeping services for your business. We have experience in providing bookkeeping services to a range of different business profiles around Sydney. We have helped printers, builders, lawyers, retailers, dentists and much more. All our clients have benefited from are competitive bookkeeping fees and our business bookkeeping experience and expertise.

 We have bookkeepers ready to help organise your bookkeeping and implement a service dependent on your particular bookkeeping needs.

Please call us to organise a consultation by one of our experienced bookkeepers.