Why Choose Us

We are successful Small business owners just like you. We stress a lot of what we should have done to prepare for each coming tax season. Oh Yes We Do

Often, businesses misplace or lose receipts, invoices, and bank statements that cause you to be charged with penalties and fees from the tax office.

Business owners end up spending a lot of stressful  time on their book work to make sure this paperwork gets sorted out, making your own personal lives more difficult. Having to worry about paperwork all the time can be very draining, but can be fixed with a little prevention.

Don’t let yourself get to the point where you cringe at the sight of paperwork – it’s time to hire a bookkeeper. Call us (02) 9011 5337

Irena’s Bookkeeping has been providing businesses in the local and greater Sydney community with reliable, fast and accurate bookkeeping services for years.

Irena and her daughter Amanda is an expert XERO, and MYOB bookkeeper with many years of experience in working and running small businesses – making her a very qualified bookkeeper. Irena and her team work efficiently and accurately, to give you more time back for your business. Use this valuable time to improve and grow other areas of your business or relax for a bit.

Keeping all of your financial matters in check is a must for any business owner. Your financials can be in check every day of the year with the help of Irena’s Bookkeeping.

Our fast, efficient and flexible bookkeeping service saves you a lot of time and money plus you save on accountant’s fees.

With the help of Irena making sure that this happens, you’ll pull right through the audit, and carry on with your business. You are less likely to be audited again also because all the paperwork will be accurate.

The economy is constantly changing and you must be prepared for the financial impacts that might come your way. You need to make business decisions quickly and if your books are not in order, it’s very hard to predict which way to go. The only way to be prepared is to make sure that your books are in order. With a set of eyes keeping track of your bookwork from day-to-day, you can now keep track of your financial standing and can make a better financial decisions.

With Irena as your bookkeeper, your life will be much easier, and your business more successful. Don’t get wrapped up in your paperwork and miss out on your friends and family. Irena focuses on bookkeeping because she loves it, and wants to see your business do well. Irena has helped many clients in the local community. She and her MYOB experts are a perfect solution for your small business because they work with you. We can come to you whenever and wherever you need us to and our rates are affordable, so wait no longer, give us a call now! (02) 9011 5337