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Have you ever wanted to spend more time away from your office and more time with friends and family? Of course you have.

After a long hard day at the coal face, the very last thing you want to do, is fiddle with reconciliations and recheck invoices that you have sent out, to see if they are accurate.

That is what Irenas Bookkeeping  Services here in Sydney is great at! Accuracy, Thoroughness and Fast implementation of Systems for your growing Small Business is what we excel at.



As important as it is to run your small businesses as accurately as possible, you shouldn’t have to give up your personal life. We are able to save small businesses precious time and money through our Sydney based Bookkeeping Service.

We also offer XERO Training 


We can Save You Time and Money

XERO, MYOB or Quickbooks Bookkeeping

Irena’s experts can put you and your business at ease, giving you more time to do what you love and to spend time with your friends and family. Irena and her team have years of experience servicing small businesses with all of their bookkeeping requirements. We also know where businesses need to improve from our own experience in running businesses and working closely with business owners. As you may expect, services of any sort these days will cost you money, however, we offer competitive rates. We want you to be successful and will identify, report and, if agreed with you, implement efficiency improvements.

Our services include:

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We offer Bookkeeping Services in all the major suburbs in Sydney,

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We take charge of your financials and give you back some of your free time. Our Sydney based Bookkeepers can work a few hours a week, a few days a week, monthly or quarterly – it all depends on your requirements. We can work with you right in the office or remotely. You can relax while knowing that your paperwork is getting done in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.

Irena looked after all aspects of our bookkeeping including set-up and management of  XERO and – from managing accounts payable and receivable and administrative duties. She is highly capable, efficient, conscientious and honest. Irena was able to get our books sorted and keep them that way, giving us more time to focus on our business. We never had to worry about our books again, knowing that it was all done with precision accuracy and timeliness.

Gary Little (BPharm) – Little Pharmacy Services

Don’t continue to overwhelm yourself by doing all of your own bookkeeping. Stop worrying about the mess your paperwork is in and struggling to meet Bookkeeping deadlines. Let us give you back time to do what you love and to grow your business. Call us (02) 9011 5337

XERO Training Services for Small Business:

Here at Irenas Bookkeeping, we also provide a significant and growing amount of  One on One XERO Training to small businesses of all types in various industries.

A lot of newbie customers to XERO can find the learning curve quite stressful and intimidating. We can deliver the training either on the customer’s premises or remotely, whichever is the most convenient for the small business owner.