Small Business Super Hero and Xero Trainer Extraordinaire : Amanda Mckenzie

Xero Trainer Sydney

Small Business Xero Trainer Sydney

What XERO Question Would You Like Answered Today ?

Hi Amanda here, I have a real passion for Training Small Business Owners like You on the Xero Accounting Software Platform. I am very confident that I can really Help You grow your business!

I look at the the Big Picture, At how XERO fits wholistically into your growing Business and how You can really Make it Work for You.

My personal approach to your Xero Training helps increases your overall productivity  within your business.

How do I KNOW all this XERO stuff ???

Well my depth of XERO knowledge comes from daily hands on bookkeeping work  work with my Small Business Clients in various industries, ranging from Plastic Surgeons in  town and the eastern suburbs to massive fast growing Electrical and Plumbing trades clients in the greater Sydney region. Working hand in hand with their accountants fixing tricky and complex XERO problems is what expands my daily software knowledge.

All this  daily XERO work, coupled together with many years as a very successful corporate marketing practitioner, who has a Masters Degree in Management from the prestigious Macquarie Graduate School of Business (MGSM) here in Sydney, has given me a deep insight into critical business success factors.

After my training sessions, You will leave with a real understanding of how XERO + Simple Systems can relieve STRESS levels 🙂

If you are a new business owner starting out, the value you will receive will be priceless.

Call me today (02) 9011 5337 and let show you how Mastering  Xero can grow your business! 

Amanda Mckenzie Expert Small Business Xero Trainer